To tackle Euroscepticism, the EU and its 28 member countries should stimulate the celebration of peace in Europe now for 73 years (!) by asking our youth to organize annual peace parades in all EU capitals for all EU citizens on “Europe Day” (9th May), and wave the EU flag everywhere as the symbol of our “unity in diversity”.
Most people see on TV how destructive wars can be, but have forgotten how many wars we have had on our continent and how easy it is to get into a war.
Remember that in WWII over 200 million people in Europe suffered pain or death after a coup of an intolerant and cruel political leader…
The EU and its member countries should build bridges by “reconnecting with European citizens” through innovative communication, such as these mass events that help inspire and unite Europeans of different cultures, ethnicities, languages and backgrounds, and to build faith in this fast-changing world.
The EU citizens should furthermore be informed during these events about the benefits of the EU and the increasing standard of living, as a result of our willingness to cooperate and compromise between the EU nations, and by patiently building a socio-economic power block that can measure with the USA and China.
To arouse the backing to the values, principles and benefits of the EU concept and to help preparing them to become responsible and involved European citizens, it is proposed that these annual parades in 28 capitals of the EU be led and organized by our youth, under the guidance and patronage of the EU in Brussels and the local governments. We got word from the EC that they are willing to consider mobilizing their four youth programs (Erasmus, Erasmus+, Youth in Action and Solidarity Corps) to help with staffing these annual parades in all 28 EU countries.
The EU and its 28 member countries should establish a public holiday on the 9th May in all EU member countries (in exchange for an existing holiday), in order to allow the EU citizens to participate (watch, visit or join) in these festivities in any of the EU member countries, to help create an international atmosphere and promote international exchange/interaction, thereby (thankfully) reminding ourselves of the continued peaceful coexistence between all 28 EU nations.