The parades to be an amalgamation of the well known parades (see examples below), but now with peace as the theme, on decorated “floats” (flatbed trailers), moving at footpace through the main streets of the 28 capitals, with music and shows on each trailer, intermingling with marching bands, performing arts groups, big personalized balloons, (house-high) puppet-characters and choirs etc.
The peace parades to take place on “Europe Day” (9th May) in the center of each capital of all 28 EU member countries, starting in 2020 (which is 75 years after the end of WWII). These parades are intended for all EU citizens of all age groups and of all levels of education and backgrounds, to be watched by millions and to be participated in by thousands of EU citizens. Coincidentally, the 9th May 2020 is a Saturday.
To demonstrate the country- specific expression of peace and its local identity, each EU member state to be invited to have one float (decorated truck) representing their country in all of the 28 parades that day. Naturally, other festivities to be organized as well, at the discretion of the local organizers.
To attract the public to watch or participate, also in other countries, the parade to be filled with (local) national, cultural and historical content (focused on the theme of peace). Also well known artists to be invited (like DJ Tiesto).
Furthermore fireworks, speeches from prime ministers and TV coverage etc to add to the attractiveness of the parades. Sponsoring organizations to build and ride the decorated trailers, for instance: Radio stations, the EU Commission, EU member countries, NGO’s, representations of other parades etc. Starting the parade in the afternoon for the families and elderlies, followed by a parade for the 18+ youth.
For further “innovative communication to tackle Euroscepticism”, all newspapers in all EU member countries to be invited to add on every 9th May to their newspapers some news/articles from the other 27 countries about continued peace (and local EU developments), and also add a few pages with some articles in each of the other EU languages.
It is proposed that these annual parades be led and organized by our youth, under the guidance and patronage of the the EU in Brussels and the local governments.
The EU has developed an excellent infrastructure to reach our youth in the EU through the creation of four youth educational programs: the Erasmus, Erasmus+, Youth in Action and Solidarity Corps programs. We got word from the EC that they are willing to consider mobilizing these four youth programs to help with staffing of these annual parades in all 28 EU countries.
Examples of massive parades:
Love Parade (techno music) in Berlin (whole day) and its (informal) successor Zug der Liebe
The Bulbflower Parade in Holland (8+ hours), and another link here
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (3 hours) in New York and another link here